About Our Brand
The journey of our gourmet supply begins long before the opening of our first bakery store in 2015. It begins as a passion and experience of Ms. Lulu as the founder of this brand in gourmet and pastry business. Many championships have been participated, including the 1980 cake decorating championship that she won the first price. Since 1980, she has been producing and supplying homemade gourmets, ranging from healthy breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, gelato, coffees and teas limited only to family and close friends. Supported with 'state of the art' equipments and the growing demands of her products both local and global, we are urged to open our very own store.

All of our products are made of quality halal ingredients, without preservatives. We seek to ensure our customers with world class gourmets at affordable pricing and bring new level of satisfaction.
We welcome you to experience our brand, PADOVA.
If you are looking to provide snack box for a small group or a large party, we have delicious solution
that can be suited to your budget.
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